Welcome to Good Shepherd!

Our mission is to spread the love of GOD through engaging fellowship and service to one another and the community.  We are a vibrant, all-inclusive church devoted to nurturing Christian love through worship, joyful music and education.

Regular Service Schedule 

Good Shepherd Church – 1130 Webster Road

8:00 am: Rite I (No music)
10:15 am: Rite II (Music, Sunday School, Nursery available)

Photo Directory – pictures for our new photo directory will be taken on September 24, 25, and 26 from 2-9pm at the church – make-up day Thursday, October 24 – use this link to sign up for a specific time to have your photos taken.





Good Shepherd is part of the Episcopal Church of the USA, but you certainly don’t have to be an Episcopalian to come to Good Shepherd. In fact, many of our congregation grew up in another denomination (the service is very similar to the Catholic Church). They may have come to visit, looking for a new place to worship or a good place to bring their family or any number of other reasons. When they visited Good Shepherd they found a friendly place that felt comfortable, that made them feel welcome (without smothering them), where kids could act like kids, where the members of the congregation seemed to genuinely be like a family, and where the Rector clearly had a special and meaningful connection with each person there. 







Good Shepherd is a place where each week we are inspired and moved by sermons which touch our lives and our hearts. It is a place where we are  blessed each week with incredible music that lifts our soul. It is a place of joy and laughter shared with a church  “family” as close as our own. It is a place where people of all backgrounds, races, sexual orientation are welcomed without hesitation or prejudice. It is a place where children are taught and nurtured in the Sunday School and Music programs to grow up to be become incredible young men and women. It is a place where we have multiple opportunities to learn and deepen our understanding of God together, to serve others together and to have fun together in fellowship.

It is a place where all are welcome at God’s table.

It is a truly special place.







Our Mission is to welcome all into our faith community devoted to nurturing Christian love, worship, and service.

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