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lance-and-kidsWe have all been inspired, consoled, moved, even entertained, by Father Lance’s wonderful sermons each week. We are now blessed to be able to share them with you here. Below we have some links to his most recent sermon, as well as a significant archive of past sermons. The audio files are hosted on so you can stream them or download them to listen off-line. Please share these beautiful and thought-provoking messages with family and friends,

Most Recent Sermon

November 5, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

Past Sermons

October 29, 2017-Good Shepherd- Deacon Steve Robb

October 22, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

October 15, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

October 01, 2017-Good Shepherd-Deacon Steve Robb

September 24, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

September 17, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

September 3, 2017-St. Andrew’s Chapel-Deacon Steve Robb

August 27, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

August 20, 2017-St. Andrew’s Chapel-Father Lance

August 13, 2017-St. Andrews’ Chapel-Father Lance

August 6, 2017- St. Andrews’ Chapel-Father Lance

July 23, 2017-St. Andrews’ Chapel-Father Lance

July 16,2017-St. Andrews’ Chapel-Father Lance

July 9, 2017-St. Andrews’ Chapel-Father Lance

June 25, 2017-St. Andrews’ Chapel-Father Lance

June 18, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

June 11, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

June 4, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance (Pentecost)

June 3, 2017-Good Shepherd-Bishop Singh (Ordination)

May 28, 2017-Good Shepherd-Bishop Singh (Confirmation)

May 21, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

May 14, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

April 30, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

April 23. 2017-Good Shepherd-Seminarian Dr. Steve Robb

April 16,2017 (Easter)-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

April 9, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

April 2, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

March 26, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

March 19, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

March 12, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

March 5, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

February 26,2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

February 19, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

February 12, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

February 5, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

January 29, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

January 15, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

January 8, 2017-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

December 24, 2016-4pm Christmas Eve Service at Good Shepherd-Father Lance

December 11, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

December 4, 2106-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

November 27, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance (First Sunday of Advent)

November 20, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

November 13, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

November 6, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

October 30, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

October 9, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

September 18, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

September 11, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

August 28, 2016-Good Shepherd-Michael Laver

August 21, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

August 14, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

August 7, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

July 31, 2016-St. Andrews Chapel-Father Lance

July  24, 2016-St. Andrews Chapel-Father Lance

July 17, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

July 10, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

July 3, 2016-St. Andrews Chapel-Father Lance

June 19, 2016-Good Shepherd-Seminarian Michael Laver

June 12, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

June 5, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

May 22, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance

May 15, 2016-Good Shepherd-Seminarian Michael Laver- Pentecost

May 8, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance-Jesus’ Last Instructions to His Disciples

May 1, 2016- Good Shepherd-Father Lance-The Promise of Christ’s Peace

  April 24, 2016-Good Shepherd-Father Lance-“Love One Another”

April 17, 2016-Good Shepherd-Seminarian Michael Laver

April 10, 2016-Good Shepherd

April 3, 2106-Good Shepherd-Deacon Barbara

March 27, 2016-Easter Sunday-Good Shepherd

March 20, 2015-Good Shepherd-Palm Sunday-Seminarian Michael Laver

March 13, 2016-Good Shepherd

February 14, 2016-Good Shepherd- Seminarian Michael Laver

February 10, 2016-Good Shepherd (Ash Wednesday)

February 7, 2016-Good Shepherd (Children’s and Adult Sermons from Family Sunday)

January 31, 2016-Good Shepherd (not ideal quality–was recorded using the recorder microphone)

January 24, 2016-Good Shepherd

January 17, 2016-Good Shepherd-Wedding at Cana

January 10, 2016-Good Shepherd

January 3, 2016-Good Shepherd

December 24, 2015-Good Shepherd-Christmas Eve Family Service

December 24, 2015-Good Shepherd-Children’s Sermon- Christmas Eve

December 20, 2015-Good Shepherd-Michael Laver

November 22, 2015-Good Shepherd

November 8, 2015-Good Shepherd-Mike Rosato on Stewardship

November 1, 2015-Good Shepherd-All Saints Day

October 25, 2015-Good Shepherd (MP3 File)

October 11, 2015-Good Shepherd (MP3 File)

October 4, 2015-Good Shepherd (MP3 File)

October 4, 2015-Good Shepherd-Children’s Sermon-Family Sunday

September 27, 2015-Good Shepherd (MP3 File)

September 13, 2015-Good Shepherd-Yvonne Arnold-EFM

August 30,2015-Good Shepherd (MP3 File)

August 16, 2015-Good Shepherd (MP3 File)

August 9, 2015-Good Shepherd (MP3 File)

August 2, 2015-Good Shepherd (MP3 File)

July 26, 2015-Good Shepherd (MP3 File)

July 19, 2015-St. Andrews Chapel- Marie Fessler-EFM Graduate (MP3 File)

July 12, 2015-St. Andrews Chapel (MP3 File)

June 21, 2015-Good Shepherd-Bishop Singh (MP3 File)

June 14, 2015-Good Shepherd picnic-Seminarian Michael Laver (MP3 File)